Conscious Life Festival 2018 Review – The Most Magic You’ll Find On The Sunshine Coast!

Here’s a belated writeup of the Conscious Life Festival, run by our amazing friend Laura di Mambro (a Master 33/6 Lifepath) on the Sunshine Coast.

Kris and I have attended many of Laura’s events over the years. She has the most switched-on team of Angels in human form you could wish for. I have always been impressed by the quality and friendliness of everyone I meet at her talks and workshops, and her desire to transform the world is truly spectacular. She’s definitely an 11:11 Starseed to the core, who sees repeating numbers. I met Mary Rodwell (ACERN) through her.

Some people say Master Numbers (11/22/33/44), especially 33’s, are very connected to ET’s, Starseeds and shamanism. A number of my favourite spots on the Coast have 33 numerology (see the system), e.g. Eumundi (home of the Eumundi markets) and Mapleton. Their vibration is amazing.

Here are some true stories from our stall (no. 11!) at the Festival on 20-21 October, 2018:

-I talked to a Master 33 (Renee) about how Master Numbers need to do things twice as slowly or there’s chaos. A second later, the fire alarm went off and we evacuated! She ended up having two readings from me (after we had lunch and I had an incredible Reiki session from Faye Wenke and her team). I have a recording of Renee’s reading where I say ‘chaos’ and you can hear the siren straightaway.

Here’s the extra amusing part – when I was about to start on this article today, the fire alarm went off in Chermside Library where I’m working and…we had to evacuate. Talk about deja vu. Ah, Mercury retrograde…how I love your sense of humour Spirit Guides.

-I said to a client (Leanne) ‘you’re leaking energy’ and drew a broken circuit board with crossed wires. Seconds later, the lights went out momentarily (!)

I joked to a group of people that ‘they might as well move back to Victoria’ if the weather in Queensland stayed rainy and they nodded. I said ‘waaait, do you all come from there?’ and they said yes.

-I gave examples of 25/7 and 34/7’s in my talk, and the next people who spoke were 25/7 and 34/7 lifepaths. It’s great to trust your intuition, as you connect with people so much faster. Here’s a meditation to help you restore your wings.

-I said to a client, ‘I see a clock, you’re in the right place at the right time’, just as Kris said to his client, ‘it’s perfect timing’. We really are Soulmates in sync. Read more about 11:11, Twin Flames and Soulmates (Kris and I just ran a workshop on this topic on 11/11/2018 with Bayside Red Tent).

-Julie (see pic) had no ‘6’s in her charts, so I brought out a crystal, saying ‘get a Labradorite heart like this to open your third eye’. She said ‘what, like the one I just bought from over there?!’ Yep. I got out-psychic’d. Funny, I had joked about meeting an astrologer, then she sat down and I realised she was…an astrologer. The rocks looked the same, it’s just my flash illuminated the one on the right.

Kris and I not only sold out all our reading spots, we met many new friends and felt so at home. Thanks Laura and team for creating something very special, Queensland really is a hotspot for 11:11 awakening!

The more you follow the 11:11’s, the more your life will be like ours…keep glowing folks.

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