Behind the Kurtley Beale – Di Patston Rugby Scandal – Karmic Whistleblowing Explained

Why did Kurtley Beale, a star Wallabies player, risk his entire career by texting an obscene SMS to Di Patston within a day of meeting her?
The answer can be explained through numerology and past lives. Don’t just believe me – read this article and make up your own mind. 
After all, I’m a sceptic too. I have an Honours degree in Science but like all true scientists, I changed my mind about psychics (and became one myself), once I discovered indisputable proof that they were genuine. You just need to know how to find the good ones (see more).
I’m not a huge sports buff, but have been scouring the news as part of my Your Chair entry for The Project TV Show (read more). 
This week, my eyes were drawn to the scandal involving Kurtley Beale, Di Patston, and Ewen McKenzie from the Australian Rugby Union (ARU). 

Here’s my understanding of what happened:
On 9 June, Beale sent Patston (the only female member of The Wallabies staff) an obscene message soon after she joined. She found out because he texted her by accident. He immediately apologised and said it would never happen again. At the time, he didn’t mention that he had sent this message to various teammates on 3 June. Patston agreed to keep the incident secret.

After receiving a second crude message (which was later revealed to have come from someone else) and a confrontation with Beale on a plane trip, Patston revealed the texts to management and resigned.

A media storm ensured, in which Patston was accused of fabricating her job history, sleeping with Wallabies Coach Ewen McKenzie and mocked for a previous lawsuit. She is now on heavy medication while recovering in Sydney. McKenzie also resigned after saying he could not regain the respect of his players. Beale is still under investigation and has been fined. He is not joining the next Wallabies tour.

Here’s what Numerology reveals about the Kurtley Beale saga

Beale’s DOB 31/1/1989 adds to 34/7. This gives him a 7 life purpose, or spiritual job title, suggesting he is a born teacher and here to be a role model for honesty (find your lifepath for free).7 looks like a ‘detour’ and someone with this lifepath learns the hard way through trial and error. They are have incredible willpower and are hard to control, because they question people constantly. This makes them difficult students but gifted educators.

So why would Beale attack Patston after only meeting her for a day? Mainly because he’s carrying a Karmic Debt. This is like a loaded gun waiting to go off. It shows up in his birth name, which adds to 14/5 in numerology. 
2+3+9+2+3+5+7 = 31/4
1+1+4+5+1 = 12/3
2+5+1+3+5 = 16/7
31+12+16 = 59 = 5+9 = 14/5 Destiny (career/ mindset)
Vowels add to a 25/7 Soul Urge (home life/ emotions)
Consonants add to a 34/7 Inner Dream (what he must do to succeed – as he is a 34/7 lifepath, this means he needs to be himself, rather than what people tell him to be).
The 5th chakra is the Throat Chakra, which governs rebellion and self-expression. Beale’s 14/5 Karmic Debt suggests he must curb his addictive, impulsive and anti-authoritarian tendencies to succeed at a career. Interestingly, 14/5 people often end up in the media, either working in the news or making it! Beale is likely to have multiple careers in this life, including teaching and speaking roles, due to his 7 lifepath.
Many people have karmic debts (including me) so I’m not passing judgement, just showing the facts. The 14/5 Karmic Debt occurs in Beale’s career sector. It means that every 5 Personal Year (age 16, 25, 34 etc.) Beale has a chance to pay off this debt and upgrade his career. He literally had to pay $45 000 to a women’s charity after this incident, showing that you can’t dodge fate!Interestingly, Beale signed to the NSW Waratahs at 16, his career is in the spotlight at 25 (right now) and he’s due for another wake up call at 34 (hopefully a positive one, as it’s his lifepath maturity year).

As you can see, numerology is useful for predicting transitions in life including quarter and mid-life crises. (Discover your Personal Year.
We often replay our karmic debt in early life, to attract the help we need to recover. Beale has attended counselling after being caught drink-driving (see my take on alcoholism).  Like many people of Aboriginal descent, he carries significant trauma, and his behaviour is a cry for understanding.In 2013, his 4 Personal Year (when the 4th, or Heart chakra is activated), he went to alcohol rehabilitation but ended up being dropped from the Melbourne Rebels after punching the captain. This is clearly a sign he’s a wounded warrior. His numbers suggest he doesn’t trust easily and keeps his feelings hidden.

Don’t think I condone Beale’s actions – they were sexist, degrading and idiotic, but I can see what triggered him (see below). This situation highlights his major life lesson, which is to stop seeking approval from others (including his teammates) through immature behaviour. 
He needs to start listening to himself, and embracing his points of difference. Only then will he feel at peace. His numbers show that deep down, he is extremely loyal and will attract his soulmate/s. 
2014 was always going to be a huge year for Beale. In January, he entered a 14/5 Personal Year, which activated his Karmic debt and brought things to a head. Looking at his full numerology (not provided here), Beale has a 5 challenge until age 29, which means he could be a few years away from conquering his inner demons. 
On 27 September 2014, Beale experienced a 5 Personal Year, Month and Day (a 555 code), which aggravated his Karmic debt and emotions. That evening, The Wallabies lost 10-28 to the Springboks in South Africa.No surprise then, that Beale fought with Di the day after. He would have been very hyped up (details of the incident have yet to be revealed but any drinking would have made things worse).

My predictions for Beale are that he will make dramatic changes to his career and lifestyle over the next 2 to 4 years. With a Soul Urge of 25, his heart and feelings will be more mature from this age onwards. November 2014 will be a watershed (it’s a 7 Personal month, when he’ll have the opportunity to turn over a new leaf).He’s likely to slow down to focus on work/ life balance (including health and relationships) in 2015, before making a comeback in 2016 (a 7 Personal Year). By the time he starts his next 9 year cycle in 2019, he’ll could have completely changed careers.

You’ll notice that numerology doesn’t predict exact events. That’s not it’s purpose. It’s more like a cosmic schedule – it tells you the best and worst days/ months/ years for certain activities, but you always have free will to change things around. 
Now, let’s look at Di Patston. Based on her known name, she is one tough cookie.
4+9 = 13/4
7+1+2+1+6+5 = 22/4
13+22 = 35/8 Destiny, the same vibration as the words MOUNTAIN and WATERFALL. This woman is a force of nature. She is here to be an authority figure, who stimulates deeper thought. 
Patston raised a lawsuit against her former employer in 2003 around age 27, which leads me to suspect she is a lifepath 27/9 or 28/1. Both would give her fighting spirit and the desire to stand up against bullying.Beale’s instant rejection of her authority suggests they have lived a past life together. Feeling instantly attracted to, or repelled by someone you have just met is a classic sign of unfinished business (see Denise Linn’s excellent book Past Lives, Present Dreams).

I feel that Patston is a Karmic whistleblower, who joined The Wallabies to draw public attention to the double standards in sport (whether she was consciously aware of this or not). Although she believes her career is finished, I don’t feel this is the case. I see her starting a business in the future in an unrelated area.I have great compassion for Patston, because I was also involved in a whistleblowing incident some years ago. It was incredibly traumatising and I still have flashbacks today. This was one of the reasons I eventually moved into professional psychic work.

Regarding Ewen McKenzie, he’s no ordinary man. His DOB 21/6/1965 adds to 29/11, a master number in Numerology called the Spiritual Messenger. This means he agreed to double responsibility for personal growth, integrity and leadership in this lifetime. It’s not an easy energy to carry – it’s like being Superman in a world full of Kryptonite.I am also a 29/11 lifepath, which must be why I was drawn to writing this article. See my facebook (The Numbers Queen and Lifepath 11) or 11:11 clocks pages for more info.

11 represents equality and democracy (see how the 1’s stand up for each other?). 11’s are here to create leaders, not followers. McKenzie’s numerology shows that he has a strong affinity for women and part of his purpose is to support their development. From all reports, he and Patston had a good working relationship up until the in-flight incident in October.

In June 2014, McKenzie entered a 34/7 Personal Year of learning from experience. 34/7 is also Beale’s lifepath. This is no accident! 
Many people suffer shocks in a 7 Personal Year if they are deviating from their life purpose. It’s a time when Spirit corrects our ‘driving’ forcefully, like a traffic cop. Looking at McKenzie’s numerology, he is missing the number 7 from both his birth name and DOB. This means that 7 Personal Years bring many tests of trust and self-confidence. 
McKenzie resigned from the Waratahs in late 2014. I note that in late 2005 (his last 7 Personal Year), he turned down the chance to coach The Wallabies, despite being the leading candidate. 
Coaching Beale (a 34/7 lifepath) was always going to be tricky for McKenzie, especially in a 34/7 Personal Year – Beale would have been pushing all his buttons. 

My predictions for McKenzie – I see him ‘recovering’ until May-June 2015. That’s when he enters an 35/8 Personal Year of Power and Abundance, so he could be working overseas by then, perhaps in Europe (which has an 35/8 vibration). I feel he’ll receive good news in March-April, which will bring back his mojo. Until then he’ll be sifting through the learnings from this whole shemozzle. 
Well, that’s my take on the Kurtley Beale – Di Patston scandal. Hope you enjoyed this tour ‘behind the scenes’ using the ancient system of Pythagorean numerology.Being a psychic doesn’t mean I know everything, but it does give me an uncanny ability to see patterns and help you plan ahead.

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