About Sarah

I’m unique in the Australian spiritual scene because I’m an ex-environmental scientist who became a top psychic. 

“As a child prodigy, I was expected to become a doctor, lawyer or accountant. Instead, I help people to heal and find their purpose, negotiate Soul contracts, meet baby Spirits and balance their karmic accounts through numerology. God is a comedian…”

My mission is to transform the public’s view of psychics, and their own intuition, from scepticism to trust. I aim to free someone of fear, every day  – is that person you? My specialty is helping the 11:11 See’rs and Starseeds to find their tribe and heart’s calling.

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As a Master 11 Lifepath, I’ve come for double evolution. Find your lifepath. I come from a courageous family. My relatives fled China during WWII. Some of them left everything to swim to Hong Kong, where they lived in poverty. My parents migrated to Sydney during the White Australia policy, and built our lives from the ground up. I’ve inherited their tenacity and inner fire. That’s what makes my advice so transformative.

How I got started in psychic work
I grew up in a conservative, religious household, where children were seen and not heard. That taught me how to read between the lines. I used to have vivid dreams, hear and see things, hide in closets and be afraid of the dark, but I never knew why. I read an astrology book I found, and a Dolly palmistry special at high school but that was it. Back then I thought psychics were to be avoided at all costs.

When I was 19-20 and studying Environmental Science, I went to a Uni party where someone read my palm. He only said a few things, but I was so gobsmacked that I began researching palmistry to prove he was a fraud. Sadly for my ego, he was right – our hands do show our life’s journey, just as a tree’s bark bears the scars of a storm. The more I looked, the deeper I was hooked! I used to massage hands, so I knew every palm was different and this wake up call was the final puzzle piece (the person who taught me massage, was a 29/11 lifepath like me).

Coming out of the dark
I kept my palmistry hobby a secret, until age 26 (2007), when I did the Life Design course with EQ Events (previously Success & You). I’ll never forget starting my business on the spot when the facilitator (Peter Conna, a Master 33 lifepath), challenged us to make money from a skill. The minute I offered $10 readings, I had a wait list out the door – even Peter couldn’t get a spot! For someone who’d been an outcast at school, this was a massive bliss-out.

(These days I tell my palmistry students they’ll be inundated with requests, in fact many of them come to class with photos from expectant friends! Holding someone’s hand, is a wonderful icebreaker as the hands connect to your Heart Chakra, so you’re literally reading someone’s deepest desires.)

Then I hit a wall. Back in the real world, I encountered such extreme scepticism (I was a scientist) that my plans to start a market stall took a back seat. I put a table and chairs in my car, then called someone who said ‘as if anyone would pay you for that!!’, unpacked everything and gave up.

Part of the Life Design course was a motivation club, and my inner voice kept yelling at me to do something. So I made a deal with Spirit – I would do one stall, and if I didn’t get 10 readings (a regular psychic said she’d get 10 people on a good day) I would quit, forever. Talk about high expectations – must be my Girdle of Venus! As I drove to Chandler markets, I saw the the sunrise, with ‘God rays’ from the clouds, and knew it was an omen.

I put up my sign, and this older man came over. After his reading, he jumped up and said, ‘that was the best $15 I have spent in my entire life’. Next thing you know I had a queue and everyone else had gone home. That day I did 13 readings and had to turn others away – I never repeated that feat in several followups so I know it was a miracle. When you take one step, the Universe takes two to meet you…or in my case, 13. More on the lucky number 13

To cut a long story short, I called the Mind Body Spirit Festival and asked to join their psychic reading room (not knowing they had a waitlist). The organiser was so impressed with my phone reading, he hired me and the rest is history. After several years with them, I had the opportunity to set up my own business and quit my day job. No wonder I attract so many clients who want to do the same (become psychic and/ or work for themselves). See my 11 Secrets to a Successful Therapy Business webinar

Over the years, I added Tarot in due to requests, then numerology after coming across Max Coppa’s books and being given The Life You Were Born to Live at age 29 (my lifepath turning point). An acquaintance called John, bought it for me at the Relaxation Centre because he saw how much I wanted it (we’d met at Holistic counselling). Let’s just say, when I get cosmic hints, I don’t get the feather or the brick, I get the Mack truck.

A shortlist of what I’ve overcome this lifetime:
Bullying, racism, sexism and religious intolerance – I went from from being a Christian with a science degree and government job to psychic work (!) As a child, I was a 6 foot tall prodigy, so I know what it’s like to be a tall poppy…
Anxiety, addiction and depression, hence my passion for mental health awareness and meditation.
-Cystic acne, dental crowding, eczema, gluten and dairy intolerances – I also recovered from anorexia/ Orthorexia to fall pregnant in 2015. I intimately understand the challenges of being a highly sensitive person and empath.
-Extreme shyness. I used to hide behind curtains, so it’s hard to believe I’ve read for many VIPs and co-raised millions of dollars in long-term income for charities like Greenpeace and Oxfam.
-It took me decades to find my 11:11 Soulmate, Kris Anderson, and I had many can-opener relationships first, including a breakup on 11.11.11, which is when I started seeing repeating numbers. So I can assist you with Soulmate relationships and forgiving your ex, especially in 2018, a year of break ups and wake ups.
narrowly escaped the 2004 tsunami, which led me to Holistic counsellingyoga, personal growthchanting, and healing.
-I gave birth to Forrest and Charlie (pictured) in 2016 and 2017 in my mid-30’s. I never knew I could love so much.
-I’ve delivered 3, 000+ readings and 50+ workshops since 2007 (I went professional in 2011),  to convince myself that psychic ability is real, which means I can help you to heal your scepticism too (often a sign of a sensitive child who was shut down).
-After writing hundreds of blogs and facebook posts, I’ve become an expert teacher on the 11:11 phenomenon. I can prove that these are messages, not coincidences.

It’s important to see a psychic with real-world experience – someone you can relate to!

Here are my qualifications:

Bachelor of Science (Environmental Science) (Hons) Cert. Holistic Counselling, The Awakening Group
Trained Past Life Regression Facilitator
Gold Coast Facilitator for Red Tent Australia
Trained Facilitator for The Work of Byron Katie
Selected Nutrition Subjects, AIAS Brisbane
Member, Queensland Palmistry Guild 
Affiliate Member, International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT) 
97.3FM Breakfast with Robin, Terry & Bob – Psychic (see interviews)
Selena Hill Psychic Fairs (2012-2014)
Brisbane Mind Body Spirit Festival (2008-2015) Sydney & Melb
Conscious Life Events & Festivals (2015-2020)
Gold Coast Health Harmony Soul Expo (2013-2014)
Adelaide Body Mind Psychic Expo (2012-2014)
Queensland White Light Expos (2008-2013)

Now that you know who I am, let’s find out:
What’s your life purpose?
How you can succeed, and  What’s in store for you in 2020-2021. Ready to connect?

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