A Change for Good – Why I’m Extending New Client Readings and Returning to Skype

As I wrote in February, 2018 is about building a bridge from your past to the future (and getting over yourself!) The past nine months have been wonderful and terrible*** for me, which you’d expect seeing as I’m an 11 lifepath and it’s a 11 Universal Year for the planet. After all, words like CHANGE, ENLIGHTENMENT, LUCK and MESS all add to 11 in numerology (see the word analysis system). 11 is about double beginnings and seeing both sides during a crisis. This is a time for all of us to turn our hardships into starships – launching pads for the beings we were born to become. Here’s a pic of me at Nudgee in Brisbane, recovering from a flu. Nothing like a sunset to reset the gratitude.

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So, I’m making some changes (to be trialled Sept – Dec 2018 onwards):

1) I’m moving new clients to 2 x 60 min calls (over 1-4 weeks)
, because it’s better to digest in peace, than to cram everything into a 90 min session (spot the reformed binge eater!) 80% of problems in life are caused by rushing and I’m done with pushing too hard. Since moving to 90 min readings a few years ago, I’m at least twice as confident and psychic having birthed two babies (using only meditation for pain relief) and conquered my fears of becoming a parent and getting married. I’ve been trialling readings over 2 sessions for a while, and it’s time to roll things out. A two step conversation means that we can focus on your numerology (Soul contract and life plan), before looking at where you are at (via palmistry, which shows your free will) and your forecast.

2) I’m adjusting new client price to $610 (a reduction if you consider point 1). I’m going from $550 for 90 minutes to $610 for 120 minutes (of which, 100-110 minutes is talking and the rest is meditation/ set up). Although my rates seem high, the peace of mind you receive from a genuine reading is priceless.  In the end, you get what you pay for. I deliver top quality readings because I can afford to – I only do a handful of sessions a week, so I don’t have to hold back. I also spend 1.5-2 hours before each session preparing, so my time works out to $150-200 an hour, which is similar to other major psychics. That said, I’m aware you might need to save up, which is why I offer a 50% deposit, with the remainder due 1-2 weeks prior.

There’s a saying, ‘if you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, try seeing an amateur‘. That’s doubly the case when it comes to Spiritual advice, hence my posts on avoiding crazy psychics and spiritual whitewashers. A reading with me costs more up-front, but it will save you days, months, maybe decades of hassle, searching for similar information. There’s also no hidden cost of doubt and insecurity that come from a sub-standard reading based on guesswork. I am consistently professional, helpful and accurate…here’s 99+ testimonials from people who agree.

How did I go from charging $10 to $600+ a reading? Through hard work and extreme persistence. I didn’t come from an openly psychic family, so I’ve worked my way up from scratch after being raised Christian. I completed almost 1, 000 expo/ short readings at the $20-$100 level at the start of my career, which taught me to be kind and generous. It was deeply confronting switching from science, government and charity work to the New Age industry – I was told I was going to Hell, and lost a lot of outer respect. However, that ‘flip’ was one of many which opened my eyes, and got me to where I am today (many 11:11 See’rs have a similar journey). If I’d never believed in myself, I wouldn’t have met my 11:11 Soulmate Kris, and had Forrest and Charlie. So when I urge you to leap with faith, it’s based on recent, heartfelt experience – I know that miracles happen when you let go.

So… if you’re looking for a total life reset, and/ or see 11:11 and repeating numbers, I’m your psychic – please book in here, or see my find your lifepath page for an idea of what to expect. You can also come to a numerology or palmistry workshop (online courses are in the works).

Or – if you just need a little clarity, it’s best to see my husband Kris for a Tarot reading, or my mentor Vicki Haspels. More FAQs.

3) I’ve set up an auto bookings system (Acuity), so I can spend more time healing, writing, researching (I love to write charts, it’s an obsession) and, most importantly, watching my kids eat apples – see pic. I’ll still respond to emails, I just need to free up head space and focus on my areas of genius. When you scatter your energy, you teach people to hurt themselves and rob the planet of joy. Not good karma!

4) I’ll be doing more teaching in 2019, so I can share the happiness. I’ve read for 3, 000 people in the last decade and want to honour their journeys (and mine) by recording the learnings. We can disappear in a day and I want to share the music before I forget the harmonies. It’s only going to get busier with the kids once they go to school.

5) I’ll be more focused on energy conservation and gentleness from now on. That means going back to Skype and phone calls. I re-opened for in person readings once Charlie was born, but with both boys walking, I need to go with the flow. It’s much faster and easier for me to do distance readings, as I’m still breastfeeding and super empathic. It’s like wearing sunglasses at the beach vs standing in the blinding light.

As an ex-environmental scientist, I also like the idea of saving travel time and carbon emissions. In a society that relies on fossil fuels, the race for money is based on the literal fear of running out of  energy. We’re living on borrowed time, so debt and overspending is the natural outcome. Our spiritual houses are built of hay and sticks, not bricks. The idea of ‘every one for themselves’ is going out of the window when you look at the crystal children coming through – they don’t need more stuff, they need more tribe.

It takes love to work for money (someone doing all your house/ inner work), and it takes money to work for love (someone paying for your dream). Instead of this all-or-nothing, man-vs-woman, humans-vs-nature, mind-vs-heart approach, I want to promote a world where the common good is our common God. That’s 11:11 energy to a tee. Check out Peppermint for inspiration – funny enough, I just found a co-working space next to them!

Thanks for all your support. I looking forwards to connecting with you again soon, 11:11 Friends.

***To date, 2018’s been amazing because:
-Kris and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary of meeting at a psychic fair on 15 September 2012 – see the video (forward to 3 min 41 seconds). Can you believe, I launched my facebook page The Numbers Queen just five days before then? It sure was a big week (I’d just done the Landmark Forum). You can see how much we’ve changed in the photo to the right. Few more grey hairs, but what fun children we’ve welcomed.
-I’ve nursed Charlie (our 21/3 lifepath and 333 Angel Baby), through his 1st birthday, a big achievement as I was too sick to breastfeed Forrest past 9 months. In fact, Charlie walked up to me yesterday and said ‘Hi!’, which was quite a shock as I still remember his birth. Our telepathy is so strong, the moment I finish a reading, he wakes up and wants a hug. Ah, psychic kids!
-Forrest (our 18/9 lifepath Old Soul toddler), is growing like a beanstalk and says things like ‘Mummy, foot gone!’ when I put his socks on (sparking an adorable panic to find his toes). His intuition is so high, I never get to finish a pack of cookies without him sneaking up on me.
-My work’s gone to the next level, as I’ve attracted more 11:11 See’rs, connected parents with baby Spirits and helped others to find and understand their Soulmates. I’ve taught chakra numerology with Perfect Potion, begun researching a link between Aspergers, ESP and eating disorders plus taken up screenprinting 11:11 shirts. My alchemy coach Lotus Kruse has also taken me into a whole new rabbit hole of joy.

2018’s been difficult because:
-My favourite aunty died (see this article on 20/2 lifepaths), and I only found out through a dream as some of my family are still uncomfortable with my profession and this blog. This pushed me into a dark night of the Soul, which showed up as a anxiety, and a series of colds, coughs/ losing my voice.
-Kris has been unwell for a year and is only now recovering (he got a slipped disc the week Charlie arrived and has a skin condition which makes it hard to walk), so I’ve been juggling two kids with helping him and running a business, while trying not to relapse with anorexia. I made things hard for myself by not telling anyone how sad I felt. Now I realise it’s part of my life purpose to embrace the wobble. 11 is the Spiritual Messenger, after all.
-I’ve been adding more energy healings, regression therapy and clearings and music therapy into psychic readings, taking me way out of my comfort zone. I like predictability, but all my heart wants to do is experiment, so the inner conflict has been colourful. Ah, the joys of a Personal 3 Year of Expression and Healing the Solar Plexus (inner child)! Find your personal year

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