8 Tips for Creating a Successful Patreon Page (how I created a 150+ group who support my blog with $2K a month)

Got an idea that needs money and a cheer squad? Here are 8 tips for a successful Patreon! This is a crowdfunding platform for creators with ongoing projects (e.g. a blog or video channel).

Background: I make $2K AUD a month from my group, which has 153 members 10 months after launching. They inspire me constantly. See patreon.com/sarahyip1111

Caveat – You need to be clever to make Patreon work. Only a few % make minimum wage but for others like me (an ex-fundraiser) it’s a worthy income stream.

1) Study creators with 30+ members and/ or $300+ monthly income (not all ppl reveal the latter but I do, because it shows transparency). What is their niche? What are their perks? How passionate are they? How is their professionalism?

2) Study creators in your industry. This can give you ideas on how to word your invites and videos (patrons love video!)

Here is my Patreon introduction video as an example

3) Don’t be put off by ‘celebrities’. You don’t need thousands of people for your Patreon to work. It just takes decent marketing plus a group who believe your work deserves a voice and are willing to pay for behind-the-scenes perks.

As the song goes, from little things, big things grow. Set realistic goals so patrons can celebrate often. I offer group perks for every 25 people who sign up.

4) Deal with your money blocks before launching and as you go. Otherwise your patrons will keep cancelling or expecting too much. You’ll also get resentful about all the fees! My Change for Good webinar can help. Also see my chakra-based cashflow blog.

5) Get clear on who you want and enforce boundaries. Keep the energy pristine, otherwise you will lose your high end fans.

6) Give back. Patreon is about more than money. Support other creators as well as seeing the group as a place to test ideas and connect with your dedicated fans.

7) Be committed. I spend 12+ hrs a month answering questions in my Patreon Facebook group and welcoming people etc.

Ask your friends and fans to join. Put the link out there. Don’t pester but also let those who love you, lift you up!

Want to know more? Join my Patreon group for a call (and video replay) on this topic! 11:11 means strength in numbers. Thanks to all my patrons xxx


Thank you to Stephanie Sinclaire (I miss you so much my gorgeous friend – we were just about to set up your Patreon when you passed away), Samantha Lennie, Olivier Maxted and others from my Patreon who requested this article.

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