33/6 Lifepath Rockstars Unite!

33/6 Lifepath Rockstars Unite! Numerology gives you x-ray vision into the meaning of life. Once you learn about lifepaths, your heart and mind heal on a grand scale from past woundings. Find your lifepath

Here was my day:
-a 33/6 friend rang this morning
-I sent them my house number numerology post with a 33/6 image
-a 33/6 client booked with Kris straight after
-a 33/6 client was my first reading today (see the title photo of a 336 directly outside her window – she only just noticed this despite living there for 10 years)
-a 33/6 & 33/6 married couple was my last reading today. More on Master Number couples
-a 33/6 friend said I was in her dream last night

Wow. As a trained scientist, I know numbers are facts.

33s are everywhere in our lives right now, despite there being 45+ lifepaths possible on Earth right now. Patterns like this help me feel supported and on purpose in a way I never experienced before learning numerology.

33/6s are here to open our third eyes (mental health, ESP, sense of beauty and social justice) and today was a rollercoaster of epiphanies before tomorrow’s New Moon (new beginnings).

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